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Systemic Technical Support

The customer support aspect for managing everyday it issues is one of Sistant’s strengths. Through service contracts modulated exactly on the technical and economic needs of the customer, we are able to provide an all-round support service, regardless of the platform, always accurate and punctual, especially in situations of need.

IT Governance

Our offering includes a wide range of support services, with ad-hoc applications created by us for remote backup management and disaster recovery, but also with integrated e-mail, hosting, monitoring and a computer system, located in some important European server farms, distributed and protected.

Auditing & Ethical Hacking

The best way to increase the level of security and protection is to “disguise yourself as a hacker” and try, ethically, to carry out the same tests that a real hacker would do: if you identify a weak spot, you can immediately remedy it. Our technical team carries out these operations that, supported by internal security “auditing” activities, allow you to have an adequate control system.

Secure Connections

Sistant’s more than 20-year experience in the field of safety crystallizes into a product in the form of an advanced control service. Through the loan use of an apparatus designed and built tailored to the needs of the customer, Sistant offers a complete data security service in all its aspects, freeing the customer from the need to control, update or redefine management policies.

Design/Management of Enterprise Infrastructures

Once the primary guidelines have been defined, we work closely with the customer to properly design the IT and communication technical infrastructure, offering technologically advanced solutions, and integrating the best the market can offer. The project and implementation phase does not exhaust our skills: we are able to offer a wide range of management and support services both in ordinary conditions, and especially in emergency situations, when technical support is most necessary in a timely manner.


Sistant, a product of Sintecnos, offers its strategic expertise to effectively guide the company’s decisions. The ability to understand the overall picture of client companies, together with the great ability to adapt market offerings to real business needs, allows us to participate in the strategic design of the company, without neglecting the aspects of data security and their consistency.

Our secret?

A team of experts, always attentive to the needs of our customers, that makes use of powerful and exclusive software, made by Sintecnos, able to anticipate anomalies and lead to a quick solution of problems.


Why choose us?

  • The company’s experience of more than 20 years in the sector has been distilled into precise procedures entrusted to a young and dynamic team.
  • In-depth expertise in the most diverse fields of computing.
  • We provide space dedicated to remote backup and disaster recovery for over 100TB online on propriety machines.
  • Quick response times.
  • Completeness of interventions.
  • We manage more than 400 workstations and more than 350 enterprise servers
  • Deep care and attention to the confidentiality of your data.

Certain prices... NO SURPRISES!

No matter what the problem, at Sintecnos we focus exclusively on its solution. We want to make you safe not only from it problems… but also from unnecessary expenses!
The service, in fact, provides
monthly fixed costs,
established in advance. You’ll only be able to pay for workstations that you actually use and need protection on. No matter how long it takes our experts to resolve the issue and the number of service requests, our price will always remain fixed, giving you the certainty of complete protection without surprises.

We answer your questions

What does the fee include?

No more uncertain costs that change from expectations or unnecessary “mount hours” that expire before being used. The monthly fee is calculated simply on the basis of the quantity of operating stations under management and provides for a number of total interventions commensurate with the quantity of the stations themselves on a statistical basis.

What happens if the seats increase or decrease?

The fee is recalculated if it exceeds a defined threshold in both directions. Therefore, if the operating stations are reduced over time, the fee decreases accordingly.

But are servers included?

Certainly. The fee provides the management of internal servers dedicated to normal business operations (mail, file servers). If there are service servers to third parties, a separate listing will be made, always on the basis of equipment and not on an hourly basis.

On what basis are the interventions included?

Our long experience has allowed us to statistically define the amount of interventions needed for the stations, so that we always deliver a service at the height without additional hidden costs.

How do I report a problem?

We have several reporting channels: by email, phone, whatsapp, voice messages. Choose the one that makes it easier for you and we’ll take charge of the problem.

Why is a fee better than a mountain of hours?

For budget purposes, with a default fixed cost, you can have a default enhancement of interventions, with no final surprises. In addition, it often happens that with a “mountain hours”, operators do not report small requests that accumulate over time and generate problems whose solution is more onerous than the sum of individual interventions.

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For more than 20 years, Sintecnos has been helping companies and professional firms with more than 15 locations manage their IT infrastructures.

We offer specific software development services built according to the needs of your company. Flexible solutions for different platforms.

Protect your business from losing your most important business data.

With Sintecnos you can have frequent and guaranteed back-up services, secure server farm space and Disaster Recovery,the emergency response for the immediate recovery of all your data.


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